New year - New me

I say this every year.

Let’s start with the 5 things I’ve said I’ll do in 2021 and see if I did them or not :

🟢 Read 12 books or more (1 book/month)

Well, I can say I did this even if they weren’t books, but BD/mangas. But hey, at least I’ve read something else than Reddit 😝.

🟠 Take better care of myself

I’ve started the year by doing it pretty well. Then I’ve had some moments when I forgot or “lost interest”. And the end of the year was the worst. Shame on me.

🟠 Really lose some weight

Well, I lost 2kg. Not a lot, but at least I’ve lost something…

🔴 Track my mood on a daily basis

Started the year by doing it, but it was too difficult to do it on a daily basis. So I abandoned the idea. Another thing I don’t get to do. F%%k.

🔴 Write more (on the blog)

This also… I’ve added some things here, I canceled my subscription at some point and then I came back. So, this was also a fail.

Ok, so how about this year? 2022?

Honestly, I don’t even want to try to make a lot of things to do ‘cause I know that stupid old me won’t do it.

So I’ll only hope that my health will improve and that I’ll try better to take care of myself. If not for me, at least for my family, so I can be with them the longest time possible.

This reminds me of a life expectancy calculator I’ve found online a few months ago. It scared me.

It’s just a number given by a website, I know, but still… it makes you think about how you live your life.

So hey, let’s hope 2022 will be better than 2021 and worse than 2023. And I’ll try to be the best me I can be. A new year, a new me, right?


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