2021 - time to change some things

Here’s a list of things I’ll like to do in 2021.

I’ve already did something like this for 2019 and for 2020. It never worked. I never did the things I’ve said I’ll do.

This year I’m putting this list here. Not on a piece of paper that’ll get lost. And I really hope at the end of 2021 I can look back and replace the ⭕️ with ✅ instead of 🚫.

5 things that I want to do in 2021

⭕️ Read 12 books or more (1 book / month)
I have to read more. In 2020 I didn’t read too much and I don’t like it. Going to bed with the phone in front of the eyes must be removed from my routine. Got to replace it with reading.

ℹ️ Progress : 1. to be updated…

⭕️ Take better care of myself
2020 was a fucked up year, everyone knows this… If in the first half of the year I tried to walk at least few times a week and I was careful of what I was eating, in the second half everything was “forgotten”.

I need to get back on the tracks, I need to stop making exceptions when it comes to foods I’m not allowed to eat, I need to eat better and, most important, I need to move more and improve my blood sugar levels & my HbA1c.

There are good foods and bad foods for me. I have to learn to accept that if a food is not good for my health, I really should limit it or even remove it completely. I need to really re-take my health issues seriously.

⭕️ Really lose some weight
It’s been like 2-3 years since I’m saying this, but never manage to do it… This year something has to change.

ℹ️ Start weight : 98kg 🙈

⭕️ Track my mood on a daily basis
This year I managed to track my mood for a big part of the year. In 2021 I’ll like to keep an eye on my mood to better see how am I feeling on a daily basis and what are the factors that impact my mood.

⭕️ Write more (on the blog)
I have to write more here. I think for now I force myself to write only in english, but that’s not good, because I can loose some important thoughts because I do not know or don’t manage to put them in english.

I have to put in words all the little things that are important for me, I have to write more poetry, I have to take more photos… And put them all here on my blog.

Et voilà, that’s it… 2021, please be kind with us.

I really hope this time I’ll check at least 2-3 items from this list at the end of the year.

Fingers crossed 🤞…

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