Off My Chest

I have been working at my current company for approximately six years. I am dedicated to my job and have a good relationship with my colleagues and superiors. I consistently demonstrate punctuality and respect, and I believe I am a valuable employee. However, it frustrates me when I see new colleagues being hired at a similar or even higher salary than mine.

I can’t help but feel that loyalty and respect do not hold much value in today’s workplace. It seems like everything is a competition to earn the highest pay, regardless of the impact on others. For instance, there is a new colleague who may be technically competent, but their lack of professionalism and disregard for others, such as frequent delays, disrespectful behavior, and immaturity in certain situations, is concerning.

I find it unfair that such an individual can begin their professional journey at the same level it took me six years to achieve. While I acknowledge that I may have not effectively highlighted my skills and accomplishments during the hiring process, I still believe that staying with a company for an extended period should be respected and valued.

Lately, I have been feeling increasingly underappreciated. If things continue in this manner, I may be compelled to begin searching for another job.

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