💸 2022 : my subscriptions (apps/services)

Maique did a list of his subscriptions and I told myself this is a good chance to take a look at my current subscriptions. Besides, it’s a good way to do some start of the year cleaning maybe…

I did cancel some of my subscriptions a few months ago, but let’s see what managed to stay from the last cleanup 😄.


🤑 Pricing : 9,99 $ / month

The all-in-one service, the Netflix for Mac apps. If you don’t know it yet, take a look, and maybe you’ll like what you see 😉 (referral link).


🤑 Pricing : 98,99 $ / year

If you know YNAB, you surely know about the price change they did in late 2021. They raised the prices for everyone, but the biggest hit was for the old customers that were on a 50$ subscription (I was one of them). For us, the price doubled.

The problem is I did not find a good alternative, so I’ll stick to them even if I did not appreciate this price change. But hey, the app managed to become a habit and now I have difficulties replacing it with something else.


🤑 Pricing : 13,49 € / month

Well, no explanation is needed, right? Everyone knows Netflix 😝


🤑 Pricing : 5,00 $ / month

You’re reading this here, on micro.blog so this is why I’m using this, right?

To be honest, I have moments when I want to cancel my subscription, but then I change my mind, then the thought comes again, and I again change my mind, etc…

But for now, I am here - I have found a pretty nice community here, and I think that’s the main reason I continue to stick with micro.blog.

Day One

🤑 Pricing : 2,99 € / month

🔗 URL : https://dayoneapp.com/

This is also I subscription I wanted to cancel multiple times, but I always stick with it because it’s a great app and the « On this day » feature is priceless. And honestly, I can put everything there - images, videos, thoughts, etc…

I have the personal journals (since 2011) and some other journals where I add different things.

For example:

  • I have all my microBlog posts automatically imported in a specific journal
  • I have all my old Instagram photos imported here in a journal
  • This year I’ve started a 1photo1day journal since January 1st

Google One

🤑 Pricing : 2,99 € / month

I use Google Photos, but as I take a lot of photos (90% of my daughter + every stupid thing I find interesting) my free space has been used. So I took the 200GB subscription 🤷‍♂️


🤑 Pricing : 17,49 € / year

🔗 URL : https://bearable.app/

Quantified Self - I try to track different aspects of my life. I keep switching from Nomie to Bearable and back. I’m still undecided. I love Nomie, but I find Bearable way quicker to use. I don’t know why…

For now, I’m using more Bearable than Nomie. But Nomie 6 is in development and maybe I will switch (again).


🤑 Pricing : 15,99 € / year

🔗 URL : https://bear.app/

I love Bear, but I don’t use it lately. I’m in the process of choosing the app for storing all my notes 🤦‍♂️.

The only problem with Bear is how slow the dev process is. New features take a lot of time to see the light. Dommage..


🤑 Pricing : 10,00 $ / year (special price, each Black Friday)

🔗 URL : https://letterboxd.com/

I like the service, the look and feel, and, most of all, I like their stats.


🤑 Pricing : 19,90 € / year

🔗 URL : https://nextdns.io/

A must-have for blocking ads on all my devices. The internet is full of ads and trackers. NextDNS helps avoid them 😉

Amazon Prime

🤑 Pricing : 49,00 € / year

I order a lot on Amazon. So for me Prime is mandatory. I do not use Prime Video or their cloud storage, but… maybe one day 😝


🤑 Pricing : 15,99 € / month (family plan)

I’ve used Spotify for years. I never thought of switching to Apple Music / Deezer.

Subscriptions I will 100% cancel

This list contains subscriptions I’m currently having, but that I will cancel « at the end of the cycle ».

DEVONthink mobile

🤑 Pricing : 16,49 € / year

Well, I did the error of buying DEVONthink and I also got the mobile app to be able to send files from my iPhone. I’ll cancel for sure…


🤑 Pricing : 35,99 € / year

🔗 URL : https://gyrosco.pe/

🚫 Expires : 12/11/2022

Build a better version of yourself by tracking what are you doing. A way much expensive version of Exist.io. Not for me… You’re paying for the nice design, but it’s too much in my opinion.


🤑 Pricing : 44,99 € / year

🔗 URL : https://www.craft.do/

🚫 Expires : 06/07/2022

It was the new kid on the block, I subscribed, but the app it’s just too much compared to what I need… It’s a nice app, but it’s not for me I think.


🤑 Pricing : 10,49 € / year

🔗 URL : https://northcube.com/lifecycle/

🚫 Expires : 30/01/2022

An app that tracks all the places you’re visiting. Nice if you want to keep a log of places you’ve visited.


🤑 Pricing : 22,49 € / monthyear

🔗 URL : https://www.yazio.com/

🚫 Expires : 25/03/2022

I’ve used 5 times this app I think. I don’t know what I was thinking when I subscribed 😢. It was one of those moments when I’ve said to myself - tomorrow I’ll start eating healthier, track everything and stop being a fat ass. Didn’t work…

Money lost _(for me)_…

Subscriptions I had and that were canceled

Here’s a small list of different apps/services I used in the past :

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