I don’t have a good memory. So, in order to be sure that I remember things, I write them down.

I’ve tried the Bullet Journal method (that I find amazing) on a physical journal multiple times, but I never manage to stick to it because :

  1. I don’t like my writing (I wish I’ve had a beautiful writing)
  2. I’m moving a lot of stuff around and I miss the digital cut & paste
  3. I’m afraid I’ll want to add something in it and I will not have it next to me in that specific moment (stupid, no?)

I am currently journaling in the Day One app. My first entry is from 2013. But even for this digital journal, there are days when I write in it and there are days that I completely forget…

So yesterday I’ve started something new. I’ve started a simple journal called “Logbook”. I’ve heard about it before, so I’ll try implementing it to see how it goes.

The idea is that every night or every morning I’ll write some things that happened this day or the day before. Nothing fancy, just short phrases resuming the main events of that day.

And then, if I have something more to say about a special event or a thing that happened to me, I’ll write in my dedicated yearly journal 👍.

Let’s see how this goes…

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