Be a parent, not a dick 🖕

I hate the parents that don’t say anything to their kids and leave them doing anything they want.

I was in a park with my little one and a dad was with his 2 sons. 1-2 years bigger I think.

Last few days it rained a lot, but he let them walk on the slide with their wet and dirty shoes. He said nothing. I had to clean it before my little one used it.

Next, one of the boys was on top of the slide not letting my little girl go up. I had to tell him to move because his dad was just looking. What a moron 🤬.

Last drop : when they we’re leaving the other kid came to the slide when my girl was preparing to use it and started pulling her shoes. And just like before I had to tell at him to stop because his dad said nothing. 🤯

**What the fuck dude? **

With parents like this, I’m afraid of how the kids will grow up.

I’m sick and tired of parents that do not educate their kids. 🖕🖕🖕

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