The Covid-19 vaccine, the French system and the liers

“The French way” for vaccinating people is so fucking stupid.

Starting last Saturday they said that people between 18 and 54 years old can get a vaccine only if they have comorbidities.

Seems legit, right?

The only problem is that when going to the vaccination center you don’t have to prove it, but only say it. So a lot of people (a loooot) got the vaccine just by lying that they have a comorbidity.

Got an acquaintance who did THIS. The guy is in good shape and good health, but he didn’t want to wait… And, besides that, few months ago he was even mocking all the covid situation.

So because of this type of idiots myself and other people that we have a real disease cannot get vaccinated right away because we cannot find a spot.

Everything’s taken and the next time slot available is in July. 2 month from now…

Well, I really hope that they’ll open extra slots because I would really like to get vaccinated - it will make me stress less, that’s for sure.

A big thank you to our leaders 🇫🇷🖕

I’m so furious right now

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