I've moved my life to Bear 🐻

I’ve used a lot of tools in the last years, but I’ve never managed to dedicate myself to a particular one. I’ve tried almost all the well-known ones : Evernote, Notion, Airtable, Apple Notes, NotePlan, …

Lately I’ve decided to play a bit more with Bear. I had the yearly subscription for almost 3 years, and I’ve been used it from time to time to keep some quick notes.

I’ve now decided to move almost everything there :  - my weekly/daily agenda (a mini-bullet journal) - my poetry - my notes - things I find online and so on

I find it hard for the daily tasks and for now I’m using a mix of Bear / Things 3 / Apple Reminders. I have to fix this.

What I like about Bear is the editor. It really makes you love the time spent writing inside the notes. It’s crazy.

Bear app

I’ve tried last weekend to put the same notes in Bear and another app and… it was not the same feeling :)

The only question now is : will I keep this? Or will I change it again in a few months?

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