Time to say goodbye...

I’ve (almost) removed all of my Facebook posts. Got a few to go. But I’ll get soon to the point where everything was removed. Everything.

Afterwards I have to do the same for the photos… I still have a few photos there (fortunately I’ve rarely posted photos of myself).

I’ve found a semi-automatic way of removing posts, but I hate that Facebook doesn’t allow you to do this by default. Anyway…

If anyone’s curious here are the extensions (Chrome) that help me do this:
- Switch to Classic design on Facebook - Social Book Post Manager

Be careful to not do this very fast. My account was almost blocked because of all the calls being made in a short time interval. So I really recommend you to wait a little before deleting posts from a different month :)

I will not remove my account because, unfortunatelly, I still have some people that are there and only there… But hey, at least I won’t have any info there (at least not public - on their server we’ll never know what they keep and what they delete).

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